Look what's possible!

courage salt freedom truth Aug 27, 2021


"Look what's possible"

Salt Freedom is known as the rockstar of brand media. She is the voice behind the Salty Truth Podcast, the CEO of Salt & Light Media, and the creator of “Rock Star Branding For Believers” where she is on a mission to unleash a revival of love, leadership and spiritual gifts all over planet earth.
As a Brand Activist and Media Strategist, Salt supports Christian entrepreneurs to lead a pure disruption of culture, to speak like a messenger and to brand like a boss, so that they can finally stop muting their souls and second guessing their gifts, and truly become Messengers on Missions for God.
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Overcoming doubt and unbelief - Choose True Faith

belief faith truth Jul 30, 2021

Overcoming doubt & unbelief 


Faith, Trust, Belief

John 8:45"I tell you the truth, you do not believe Me."
Jesus was speaking to the religious folk of the day who where challenging Him for the umpteenth time. He was calling them out on their unbelief.
There is a journey one takes towards unbelief - it is preceded by doubt which is preceded by expectation.
Expectation is seeing from our perspective.
a. "I expect the hotel room to look as nice as the picture."
b. "I expect to receive the promotion due to my recent performance,"
c. "I expect to be looked after because I am a victim of circumstance."
Expectation is preached from pulpits, in motivational books and seminars and has been paraded as the key to positive thinking. As I researched the various dictionary meanings for expectation I realized this imposter is trying to disguise itself as FAITH.
Expectation actually opens the door to doubt.
a. "Because the hotel room...
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dr judy bauer truth Mar 12, 2021

The Truth


Wait...what? For real?

Have you ever felt like something was preposterous ...completely contrary to reason or common sense... utterly foolish?

 And yet, you were being asked to believe it because someone said it was so.


One of my daughter's students is perpetually late for class. 40 days of school and late every day. During her parent-teacher conference last week she met with the mom and dad to talk about their child's progress in school.

 She asked why their son was always late. The mom said, “No, she was early every day but she sat out in the car because she didn't know what time school started.”

What? For real?

800 kids are going into classrooms at the same time every morning. You sit in your car watching this procession and you don't know that it must be time for class? Preposterous!

The mother shared this with a straight face as though my daughter should believe what she said. Not in a million years was that a conceivable...

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Dealing with Denial - Episode 1

denial dr judy bauer truth Feb 16, 2020

Mini-Series: Dealing with Denial


 Denial : Let’s Trash the Myths!

Denial is a popular way to protect oneself from reality that hurts us to think about. Denial is a protective mechanism that can shelter us for awhile. The mind (soul) can overload when our emotions (soul) can’t handle a particular crisis or problem.

Denial shields us from the hurt. It also keeps us from helping ourselves or the people we love the most! Denial always bothers the logic of our mind. We will make excuses for our denial which helps reinforce the original denial.

The MOTIVE for denial often starts with the noble concept of protecting ourselves or someone we love from further PAIN. The REALITY of denial is that it extends the hurt, multiplies the problems and almost always causes pain to other people.

Myth #1:

If we don’t talk about it, it will go away.
Truth Alert: Denial makes the hurt last longer and hurt more.

Myth #2:

Let’s pretend it didn’t really...

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Overcoming - Poverty Mentality - Noah's Story



"the TRUTH will set you free"

Lee shares the story of her son Noah in this podcast. At birth he was diagnosed with a condition called Spina Bifida - https://g.co/kgs/dJtVE6

Today he is a strong determined young man, having overcome challenges with a warrior heart. In one of his recent blogposts on his site (http://wayfarernoah.co.za) he shared:

"I started a drawing, and when I had the idea of this drawing, I thought it would just be a quick sketch but I began to wonder,”If I put in a little bit more time and have  a little bit more patience with it,will it look better and more natural?” the answer so far is yes.

When you have patience and slow your thought’s down things become easier to process and everything starts to flow, once you relax, you start to think about thing’s you would normally never have the time to think about,and as you do nothing but think, a smile...

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