Spiritual Growth - Part 1

Mini-Series: Spiritual Growth Tips

The Joy of Growth. 

Spiritual growth is often misunderstood and over-complicated.

I’m inviting you to think of spiritual growth from some different angles.
Definition: Spiritual Growth is the development of your inner man, your spirit, to be your true self and to live--moment by moment--in connection with God, yourself, and others.

Let’s start with a revolutionary thought: All growth is spiritual growth
If it is then it comes from God. If it’s of God, as His child, it belongs to you.
Growth is anything moving us forward--or, more specifically, helps us be our true selves. And if we’re becoming more of who we were created or designed to be--closer to our God-given “potential”—then it’s growth.

Thus, all growth is spiritual growth. Let’s go deeper, With the thought of spiritual growth...

We were made in the image of God.
God created human beings in His own image. “In the image of God,...

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Overcoming - Count it all Joy

dr judy bauer joy laughter Mar 07, 2019



Count it all Joy

A mentality of poverty consists of very short term goals and instant gratification.  

Review from the 2 previous blogs:

We can fall into the traps of depending on others to provide for us or relying on others to feel secure.  

Self-sabatoge continues without restraints. The idea that everyone owes us because of our current situation breeds entitlement; which isolates and then consumes a person with bitterness.

God designed us to know we are loved and wanted by Him and by our natural and spiritual family.  

Since the garden of Eden, sin has access to humanity. It has sown weeds among the tares and has spread like leaven in a lump of dough until the whole loaf is infused and puffed up.  

Can we escape this dilemma?

Yes, God has provided a way for us to live a healthy life in spirit, soul and body.  

Let's look closer at this final part of this 3 part series.


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