Obedience or Ouch!

dr judy bauer obedience Mar 15, 2021

Obedience in Key


Jeremiah was sent to God's kids with a message. It was not going to be an easy one to deliver. It was about an issue in their relationship with God that was not up to par. (Jeremiah 34-35)

The good thing they were doing was they had kept the words of their forefathers for generations to not drink wine, or build houses but instead they lived in tents, etc.

Without question they all honored their forefathers instructions obediently to the letter.

 Here was God's problem:

You obey man's instructions but when I give you instructions you decide whether or not you want to honor Me and My words.

Ouch! Their toes were really getting stepped on.

 What about our generation?

 Jesus basically delivered the same message as Jeremiah: "These people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me. They worship Me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules."

(Matthew 15:8-9) [Also see: Acts 4:19,5:29, I John 2:4 and John 14:23]

True worship,...

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How's your reactor?

judy bauer obedience Jul 24, 2020

What's your reaction?


How do you react to conflict? Difficult circumstances? Unjustified character attacks on yourself? People arguing? Confusing situations you can't control?

These and more are all woven into every person's life. We can't escape what's happening around us.

The only thing we can control is our reaction.

I was reflecting on the life of Moses in Exodus. He was definitely a reactionary. Whether it was an unfair fight between two men, dealing with complaints from the 2 million people he was commissioned to lead out of Egypt, a burning bush that wasn't consumed, his family and close advisors attaching his character, or a myriad of other issues...

Moses found that he often reacted unwisely.

God began to teach him to react wisely. God put Moses through the school of The Spirit.

You and I are in that same schooling process.

God is working in us to become like Him in and through the various issues of life we face today.

While reading and meditating about Moses and...

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