Faith & Maybe?

dr judy bauer faith maybe Dec 08, 2019

Faith & Maybe


Faith & Maybe?

Does that even count? Let's take a look at this powerful posture of strong faith. When we give up our need for certainty we gain true confidence independent of circumstances.

When we sense God speaking to us about something there's an area of, "Oh, Lord, I don't know." We feel the responsibility before we have the supply.

This is where "works" jumps in, in response to the initial faith spark. Anyone can have an idea but until you put works into motion you'll never know the supply.

Once the initial faith sparks we add dry grass and small sticks to ignite the faith into a flame. We begin blowing softly on the flame til it bursts into fire. We then continue adding fuel until it becomes a bonfire, a force to be reckoned with.

Reading Hebrews 11 and 12 and other passages of faith in action we discover that they didn't have all the answers before forging ahead. As James says, "Show me your faith by your works as faith without corresponding...

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