Overcoming Toxic Relationships with Raymond Wienand



When you choose your relationships, Choose them wisely

Sometimes we are bound by blood, sometimes we are bound by choice, and sometimes we are bound due to circumstances. But the truth is, we are bound to people and we cannot escape that fact.
What we can escape, or at least minimize, is the toxic relationships that we have. It might be due to family relationships, professional relationships, or it might be due to 100 different reasons. But the worst of them all are the toxic relationships that we are in by choice. They can be deadly! Yes, that’s right. They can be  deadly. Spiritually, emotionally and physically deadly.
I know someone named Charles quite well. From his teenage years he was involved in toxic relationships.
They were all by choice: to be seen, to stand out, to be a rebel. He formed friendships at school with the “wrong” crowd. He followed their way of doing things,...
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