Turning defeat into a WIN - with Ray Wienand


Turning defeat into a WIN - Episode 1

"Defeat is temporal, but only if you do something about it."

Defeated means: (a) Having been defeated in a battle or contest. “The defeated army” Yep, that’s right. It means you lost; you have been beaten; victory was not yours.

I don’t know anyone that likes to lose. It’s not a nice feeling. It gets you down, it makes you miserable and can even make you depressed. But defeat is part of life. We all experience defeat at some stage in our lives. Individuals, teams, organizations, armies, governments and even entire nations know defeat. We see it in news headlines, on television, we read it on social media.

But we also read it in the Bible. Yep, defeat is in the Bible! It’s not created by man or the devil. God uses it in His greater plan for us. Sometimes we need defeat to bring us to our knees. Sometimes we need defeat to realize that we are out of God’s will. Sometimes...

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