God is MY Source

God is my source. I cannot fail!

During one of Jeremiah's darkest times help came from an unexpected source...literally.

Here's what was going on...Jeremiah was obedient to deliver God's message to the people.

As a result of hearing God's words, the people were so upset (convicted) that they threw Jeremiah into a cistern.  They didn't like "that" message.

I've looked inside a cistern in Israel. There is no way of escape. You are stuck in every sense of the word.

Cisterns are HUGE containers, very dark, actually pitch-black inside. They are cavernous and used as reservoirs dug deep into the ground. Cisterns were used to store water, grains, etc.

This particular cistern was empty but the bottom of it was filled with muddy sludge. (Jeremiah 38:6)

An Ethiopian official in the kings ranks observed all that had transpired with Jeremiah. He privately went to the king and asked for the prophets life. 

He told the king that he was aware...

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