Miracle Mornings - Episode 4

chad smanjak serve Feb 13, 2020

Mini-Series: Miracle Mornings

Finally, I commit myself to service.

My Miracle Morning Routine: Here is the breakdown of the terms and then exactly how I use them, in order:
T - Thanks
A - Affirm
S - Surrender
K - Kill
S - Serve

The first four help me still my body, focus my mind, soften (or heal) my heart, and tap into my soul so I am connected to the spirit. Finally, I commit myself to service.

A life lived in service to one’s self is a miserable life. That’s why so many rich people are miserable. You would think they’d be happier because they have so much. But most are not. Having wealth is not the problem. Thinking that wealth will make them happy—is the problem.

We will never find fulfillment if we think it’s about “me getting mine.” Fulfillment is found in service to others. Period. That’s how God wired this universe. We can’t escape it, no matter how hard we try.

So, before I get up from my seat, I remind...

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