Overcoming - Poverty Mentality - with Patricia Sunshine



Christian Prayer Minister, Public Inspirational Motivational Speaker, Weight Loss Expert, Life Enhancement Mentor.

I was born in the Midwest and raised in religion where it was considered 'holy' to be poor even though the religious leaders had new cars and all their housing, schooling etc. were paid for by the church members.  Domineering Dad a military vet with PTSD and intimidated Mom, eldest of 7 children. Got mouth-saved watching Christian TV where they give no warnings about counterfeit religions and was invited to a New Age church, did not know the difference at that time, spent 10 yrs. in that in my 20's - 30's. The HOLY SPIRIT sovereignly delivered me out of that false faith.  He knew my heart and that I LOVE HIM and always was seeking the Truth!

About that time the spirit of adultery seduced my husband and used a woman he worked with who had been...
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