Overcoming - Poverty Mentality - with Patricia Sunshine



Christian Prayer Minister, Public Inspirational Motivational Speaker, Weight Loss Expert, Life Enhancement Mentor.

I was born in the Midwest and raised in religion where it was considered 'holy' to be poor even though the religious leaders had new cars and all their housing, schooling etc. were paid for by the church members.  Domineering Dad a military vet with PTSD and intimidated Mom, eldest of 7 children. Got mouth-saved watching Christian TV where they give no warnings about counterfeit religions and was invited to a New Age church, did not know the difference at that time, spent 10 yrs. in that in my 20's - 30's. The HOLY SPIRIT sovereignly delivered me out of that false faith.  He knew my heart and that I LOVE HIM and always was seeking the Truth!

About that time the spirit of adultery seduced my husband and used a woman he worked with who had been with many men to steal him from me and our three children.  I was devastated. It was extremely hard to be a single Mom to three hurting children.  My emotional, spiritual and financial challenges were very real and seemed to chase me and test my resolve. My testimony is the LORD is FAITHFUL and PRAYER Works! I learned so much about life and facing it's multitude of challenges with Persistence, a good attitude and Trust in the LORD no matter what.
What is my conclusion about this journey?  It is vital to LOVE, TRUST and OBEY the LORD. It is also our duty as Christians to disappoint the devil at every turn.  The enemy of our soul wants us poor, unhealthy and hopeless.  YESHUA came that we might have LIFE and that MORE ABUNDANTLY..  

GOOD STEWARDSHIP of what He has given us is Vital to success.  Should a person who is struggling give? ABSOLUTELY however NOT unwisely or to excess even to church.  We must seek HIS Wisdom about our decisions in Spending and Giving.  He does not want us to be in crisis mode, He desires we have stable, secure lives that Glorify Him.  Poverty does NOT glorify the LORD.  Neither does buying a $100-200 purse when there are people in your community in need of food, clothing, money for their utilities. That money could help them. 

A Free 25 minute phone call Mentoring conversation where you can ask me questions and get a personalized prayer.  I have a great track record for answered prayers.  Also I am offering for those who sign up for my BUTTERFLIED WEIGHT LOSS - Emerging from the Fat Cocoon 6 weeks online Course OR my personal coaching 8 weeks  I am giving them a $100 credit toward my course as my Love Gift. Sign up for both is a savings of $200.   I teach three basic strategies: What NOT to Eat, What TO Eat, What to ADD to accelerate weight loss and help keep it off.  BONUS: For those who call me this week, I will include my online video: HOW TO READ FOOD LABELS. I mix the TRUTH about weight loss with compassion and humor.  Please Call: 916-HEALTH2  that's 916-432-5842 that will go into my voicemail inbox and we can set up an appointment by TEXT for your personal call. 
I love to be able to say together with my WEIGHT LOSS & Other Clients: LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE!


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