Overcoming Toxic Relationships with Dr Judy Bauer



In His presence the stench of the world is replaced with the perfume of His presence

Ah, yes. Toxic people, toxic circumstances and toxic language abound in our polluted world. Thank God we are not of it, but we still live in it until it's time to graduate to GLORY. So, what can we do with all the toxic things that try to smell up our lives on a daily basis?

Let's talk about toxic people.
1. Recognize that's what they are. (That's not judging incorrectly...by their fruit you shall know them). Sadly, even some Christians are carnal and therefore toxic.
2. Detach emotionally from them. Put them at arm's length in your mind and heart.
3. Forgive them for their toxic behavior towards you. Bless them in the name of the Lord and move on and away from them, if at all possible.

What about toxic circumstances:
1. If you're in a family situation get outside counsel and help. That's not weakness, that's wisdom and strength.
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