Overcoming fear of failure: a Second Chance - with Darryll Stinson


"Survive this season of struggle to tap into your season of abundance, Your better days are ahead"

Pursuing your purpose is a journey. You need support, a roadmap, and some resources and supplies to help you travel the route.
Add luggage (kids, debt, personal struggles, spouse) to your journey and the route may seem impossible.
You need a coach and a team who can help you put together a custom-tailored strategy for your purpose. This varies per individual. There’s no one-size-fits-all- template for this step. The process usually includes goal-setting, putting tasks on the calendar, budgeting, a funding plan and accountability
Second Chance Athletes is a movement of former and forgotten athletes on the come up.
People who know they were meant for greatness in their life after sports.
 Have you ever said:
  • “How do I live the life of my dreams when sports was the life of my dreams?”
  • “How do I pursue my purpose when I can barely afford to pay...
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