Overcoming fear of failure: a Second Chance - with Darryll Stinson


"Survive this season of struggle to tap into your season of abundance, Your better days are ahead"

Pursuing your purpose is a journey. You need support, a roadmap, and some resources and supplies to help you travel the route.
Add luggage (kids, debt, personal struggles, spouse) to your journey and the route may seem impossible.
You need a coach and a team who can help you put together a custom-tailored strategy for your purpose. This varies per individual. There’s no one-size-fits-all- template for this step. The process usually includes goal-setting, putting tasks on the calendar, budgeting, a funding plan and accountability
Second Chance Athletes is a movement of former and forgotten athletes on the come up.
People who know they were meant for greatness in their life after sports.
 Have you ever said:
  • “How do I live the life of my dreams when sports was the life of my dreams?”
  • “How do I pursue my purpose when I can barely afford to pay my bills?”
  • “What’s my purpose in life and how do I reach my destiny?”
  • It’s hard to excel academically when sports takes up so much of my time.”
  • “Life after sports is so boring.”
If you have ever had these thoughts, then you’re in the right place!
For tips and strategies on how to discover your identity and live with purpose after sports, Visit: http://www.secondchanceathletes.com

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Darryll Stinson is an entrepreneur, pastor, former Division 1 athlete and suicide survivor.  
In 2017, he started Second Chance Athletes to help former and forgotten athletes discover identity and purpose after sports by teaching the five-step process that helped him go from suicide to success. 
Darryll is a husband, and father of three beautiful daughters. As a non-traditional evangelist, he is on a mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ from the streets to the boardroom. 

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