Finishing 2020 #EPICStrong - Episode 5

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With over 35 years of ministry history, Michelle Sim, living in the Toronto, Canada region with her husband of over 52 years, is richly experienced in various areas of service within the Body of Christ.  Ranging from worship leading to teaching the Word of God, Michelle's gifts and talents are diverse and many.  To name a few, Michelle has written many books, recorded 4 cds, written plays and releases "Love Bombs”, an encouraging and timely word to over 350 people around the world every Monday to Friday morning!  You will be blessed by Michelle because she is intentionally "Motivated by Love and Empowered by Grace!"
My Thoughts on Finishing 2020 #Epic Strong:
The Covid-19 pandemic, although difficult, has had its benefits as well. For many, it has given us space to get our priorities in right order. It has helped us to find out that GOD is THE Source of our identity, provision, and joy…not any other human...
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Overcoming Unhealthy Habits with Michelle Sim


Overcoming Unhealthy Habits- Episode 3


‘Beloved, let us love one another…’  1 John 4: 7 - 8

Michelle Sim is an apostolic pastor/teacher who focuses on the unconditional Love of Our Father toward His children, establishing a strong foundation on which people can recover from the harsh realities of life. 
Michelle has been married for 51 years to Ian, has 2 grown sons, including 48 year old Paul who is overcoming the challenging of a dual diagnosis – Autism Spectrum Disorder and accompanying mental health issues. 
Michelle lives in the Greater Toronto area, Ontario, Canada. Michelle is the creator of the Love Bomb which goes out each Mon – Fri morning.
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Finally, You...
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