Overcoming Toxic Relationships with Dr Judy Bauer



We've been given the job to manage the garden of our life

My mother always told us kids when we came in to point the finger at one of our siblings for their misdeeds that there were three fingers pointing back to us.
In other words, I'd like to share the idea that in order to overcome toxic relationships, instead of focusing on what others are doing, we first take a look at ourselves.
Could it be that we are toxic to ourselves? Let's consider:

1. What kind of inner thoughts and mutterings do you have concerning yourself?

1. Do you speak unkindly about yourself to yourself?
2. Do you criticize yourself when you mess up?
3. Do you constantly say, "Sorry" or take the blame when you did no wrong?

2. What kind of sabotaging do you do to your own dreams, desires and goals?

1. Do you even allow yourself to have them?
2. Do you give yourself permission to put them as a priority?
3. Do you make promises to...
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