Trust Takes Courage

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Trust requires Courage

The mind is powerful. It is more powerful than any weapon ever invented - governments, societies and foundations have spent millions to try to influence it. 

A private inner thought can put you on top of the world, or make you want to hide away from everyone and every thing.

Our mind is where we experience our relationship with Jesus, make choices, try to make sense of what we see, what we hear, taste and feel.  It is also the place where we judge ourselves.

Let's zoom into the judgment process - this process is like a courtroom of life experience and external influence making an argument against you or the situation- presenting its case to you- the judge. 

You consider its argument and allow yourself to agree or disagree. If we, as the judge, allow it, truth can also present its case for us to consider. 

I personally have often found myself only listening to one side of the argument. Usually the...

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Overcome Poverty Mentality




Poverty is defined as the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount. I have noticed that poverty never shows up alone in a person’s life – It’s gang includes hopelessness, depression and victimhood (you know, the “poor me, pity me” syndrome). These together with poverty create a poverty mentality.

Society has pushed the idea that success is a big bank account filled with unlimited cash, fancy cars, big houses. “The good life” is portrayed as parties and brand-named clothing and crowds of people you can call “friends”.  People have judged themselves and others against this standard. This image has been drummed into us since kindergarten, and for today’s little ones, as soon as that device is put into their little hands.

It is only as we get older and wiser we discover that true success in life has nothing...

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Steps to overcoming fear of failure


Overcoming fear of failure - Deal with it

There is a moment when failure shows up – when you realize it's at YOUR front door, in your life. In spite of everything you thought, planned and purposed – here it is… It’s devastating and brings fear with it.
I remember the first time I experienced failure. I thought “my life is over. I will be forever branded as a failure and there is just no hope.”
If you are breathing, you have experienced this as some point. It has taken me a good 20 years to realize that everyone will experience failure – it’s part of life.
However, the message from my parents, my educators, and even my Sunday school teacher was that my life has been setup to succeed. That was the point of life after all, right?
Failure was not an option – that would result in disappointing my parents and more importantly God.
I struggled to deal with that first failure – I...
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