Steps to overcoming fear of failure


Overcoming fear of failure - Deal with it

There is a moment when failure shows up – when you realize it's at YOUR front door, in your life. In spite of everything you thought, planned and purposed – here it is… It’s devastating and brings fear with it.
I remember the first time I experienced failure. I thought “my life is over. I will be forever branded as a failure and there is just no hope.”
If you are breathing, you have experienced this as some point. It has taken me a good 20 years to realize that everyone will experience failure – it’s part of life.
However, the message from my parents, my educators, and even my Sunday school teacher was that my life has been setup to succeed. That was the point of life after all, right?
Failure was not an option – that would result in disappointing my parents and more importantly God.
I struggled to deal with that first failure – I...
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