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just believe Jul 19, 2021

Overcoming doubt & unbelief  

To doubt you must first believe in something.

Doubt and unbelief are feelings and thoughts that we all have at times.
When it looks like things won’t work out. When we are facing difficult situations. Even when life is good and things seem to go as planned.
So what is doubt and unbelief? Are they different? Similar? That’s a good question!
They are different, but often seen as the same.
To doubt you must first believe in something.
Something spiritual, physical or mentally. It can be believing in Christ as our Savior. It can be believing that something you saw is real. It can be believing that you can or cannot do something.
As a Christian, doubt is not seen as the absence of faith, but rather as a question of faith. A question of belief. Will I get through this trial? Will God provide what I need in time? Will....?
The constant wondering and overthinking. The fear that it might not...
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Overcoming - Fear of Failure


Some things in life are unavoidable...

Two of them are being born and dying. But there are also other unavoidable things , like the fear of failure.
No matter how hard we try, we will encounter them. The difference is how we handle the fear of failure.
Each person is different, each person handles circumstances differently. And each person has different fears around failures. I’m no different, I also have them. And sometimes, I fear failing.
What determines failure? Is it the standard or goal set by somebody else like in an exam or test? Or, is it a goal that we’ve set for ourselves? Is it a feeling of failing somebody else?
What creates our fears? Are they from past experiences,  from what we’ve been told by others, or the enemy planting thoughts in our minds?  No matter how our fears developed, they are there, and they are real, too real for our comfort.
What should we do with our fears?
Should we ignore them,  try...
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