What are you REALLY hungry for?


Physical hunger is a driving force in our lives. It moves us to action.

However, when we don't feel well or go through a difficult trial we can lose our appetite.

Spiritual hunger works the same way.

Our born-again spirit man was created to hunger for God and His presence. When we are hungry for Him we seek time to be with Him.

When we go through painful situations or hardship (if we don't pay attention) we can lose our appetite for God's presence.

We become distracted and focused on "that." We may dutifully read our Bible or pray through our prayer list, but we do it listlessly and without passion as we've allowed the "trial" to take over our desire for Him.

Pharaoh was the food provider for the children of Israel when they were in captivity. God freed them and He became their provider. Each day He gave them manna. They were allowed to pick up all they wanted for that day. On the sixth day they could take enough for the 7th day, the Sabbath.

If they took more than they...

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