Spiritual Growth - Episode 3

chad smanjak growth healthy Dec 09, 2021

 Spiritual Growth Series

The honest truth... Judy and Chad take a look at the benefits of honesty in relation to those close to you and in one's personal relationship with God. Join the conversation on Facebook @EpicConquerors

Spiritual growth is often misunderstood and over-complicated.

I’m inviting you to think of spiritual growth from some different angles.
Definition: Spiritual Growth is the development of your inner man, your spirit, to be your true self and to live--moment by moment--in connection with God, yourself, and others.

Let’s start with a revolutionary thought: All growth is spiritual growth
If it is then it comes from God. If it’s of God, as His child, it belongs to you.
Growth is anything moving us forward--or, more specifically, helps us be our true selves. And if we’re becoming more of who we were created or designed to be--closer to our God-given “potential”—then it’s growth.

Thus, all growth is spiritual...

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