Spiritual Growth - Episode 3

chad smanjak growth healthy Dec 09, 2021

 Spiritual Growth Series

The honest truth... Judy and Chad take a look at the benefits of honesty in relation to those close to you and in one's personal relationship with God. Join the conversation on Facebook @EpicConquerors

Spiritual growth is often misunderstood and over-complicated.

I’m inviting you to think of spiritual growth from some different angles.
Definition: Spiritual Growth is the development of your inner man, your spirit, to be your true self and to live--moment by moment--in connection with God, yourself, and others.

Let’s start with a revolutionary thought: All growth is spiritual growth
If it is then it comes from God. If it’s of God, as His child, it belongs to you.
Growth is anything moving us forward--or, more specifically, helps us be our true selves. And if we’re becoming more of who we were created or designed to be--closer to our God-given “potential”—then it’s growth.

Thus, all growth is spiritual growth. Let’s go deeper, With the thought of spiritual growth...

We were made in the image of God.
God created human beings in His own image. “In the image of God, He created them.” Genesis 1:27

You’re growing spiritually when you’re being you, and you’re being you when you’re…

7). Make choices that are healthy, physically (food, exercise)—Everything is connected. Taking care of our physical bodies has positive implications for all of life. Neglecting to care for our bodies is foolish, at any age. When your body is undernourished and weak it adds to the weight of our soul (thoughts, feelings and decisions) which impacts and holds our spirit or inner man captive unable to be free.

8). Pray (connect, mindful prayer, focused, etc., not absent-minded praying – vain repetitions)—Our minds are the filter for our experience of life. Minds are molded and shaped by environment, experience, and repetitive inputs. We can’t always change environment or escape experience, but we can decide what we see and listen to and what we put into our minds. Matthew 6:7

9). Process your honest emotions—What isn’t expressed is depressed. And the only antidote for depressed feelings is expression. Finding healthy and safe ways to express our emotions will accelerate our development and increase our peace and joy. “Run your hose” is a phrase that implies letting the tepid water run until the clear, refreshing water begins to flow.

Working through our emotions with the Lord, a trusted friend or mentor is healthy for our soul, our spirit and our body. Physician heal yourself…you can’t. We all need to admit our need for others. Yes, it’s humbling, and crucifies the flesh, the pride that wants to think “I can be a self-made man/woman.” I don’t need anyone.

Chad Smanjak

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