Let it Go - Lessons from the Rich Young Ruler

generosity judy bauer Dec 19, 2021

Let it GO

He Is Jehovah Jireh

Jesus encountered a young man in Mark 10. This guy had wealth, power, things and yet he felt a void. Something was missing. He approached Jesus and let Him know he had faithfully kept all the godly commands and lived a good life.

Jesus, discerning his heart, lovingly said to him that he lacked one thing. "What?" "I'm doing everything by the book." (my paraphrase) Jesus knew he was holding on real tight to his possessions. He was afraid to let go and give God first place. Somehow "having" things, power, money, prestige, etc. caused him to feel secure, like he had it made, he was important in life.

Things had him. Jesus challenged him. Things were actually holding him in bondage to fear. Fear of losing his esteemed position with his network of friends and business partners. Fear of losing his possessions. They made him feel like he had arrived, he was somebody.

Here's the thing. You can't take things with you into the next life. They are temporal....

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