The Secret to Fulfillment

dr judy bauer fulfillment Dec 27, 2021

Secret to Fulfillment




Satisfaction as a result of fully developing one's abilities or character.
The achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.

People often live unfulfilled lives; trying to achieve time and again only to see their plans thwarted and dreams dashed.

It can seem as though a cloud of disappointments and sorrows are their lot in life.

"...a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." "...longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul." Proverbs 13:12 & 19

I've discovered that when we allow Christ to be the source of our fulfillment, we rest in His ability to complete us.

However, if we look towards our own accomplishments and abilities in order to measure our "fulfillment factor" we will fall short time and again.
A beautiful tapestry hanging on a wall is a work of art to behold.

From the wall's perspective, however, it is a mess.

The threads to make the artistic design look very ugly on the backside.

But from the front, the creator...

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