Making Godly decisions

Harbor Lights : Making Godly decisions

When I know in my “knower” so strongly
that it’s already a finished situation as though it had manifested. 

We all have decisions that we make on a regular basis. What to eat, wear, etc. When it comes to the big decisions in life we want to be wise and choose the right choice.

Bob Mumford shared a story over 45 years ago that I have never forgotten. He shared about a certain harbor that was very dangerous for ships to navigate. Many had shipwrecked trying to do so as there were treacherous rocks under the surface of the water.

Someone discovered that there was a way to bring a ship in safely if they followed a certain route. They decided to guide the ship safely to shore they would erect 3 harbor lights. If a ship aligned themselves to the 3 lights they could safely arrive at the harbor.

The three lights must appear as one single light. If any of the three were off kilter then the ship was not safe to come to shore....

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