Overcoming Disappointment

Overcoming Disappointment 

"As EPIC Conquerors we say “the battle is real, but the victory is assured.”

 Disappointments happen to everyone. What we hoped for, wanted to have happen, hoped would happen, expected to happen…didn’t.  Now what?

Mad, rage, angry, pout, pity party, curse up a storm, lash out, break or smash something, etc.

All human responses, all are temper tantrums we throw when things don’t turn out how WE wanted or perceived them to turn out because, after all, we should be exempt from trials, right?

Some disappointments happen as the result of actions from others and some from our own poor choices or decisions made.

Some disappointments are unrelated to anything we have control over, epidemics, economic downturns, overthrow of governments, earthquakes, accidents, windstorms, hail, unknowingly or unaware that we’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, etc.

Now that we’ve considered all of that...

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