Overcoming - Poverty Mentality - Break the Cycle



Break the Cycle

A mentality of poverty consists of very short term goals and instant gratification. We can fall into the traps of depending on others to provide for us or relying on others to feel secure.  

Self-sabatoge continues without restraints. The idea that everyone owes us because of our current situation breeds entitlement; which isolates and then consumes a person with bitterness.

God designed us to know we are loved and wanted by Him and by our natural and spiritual family.  

Since the garden of Eden, sin has access to humanity. It has sown weeds among the tares and has spread like leaven in a lump of dough until the whole loaf is infused and puffed up.  

Can we escape this dilemma?

God has provided a way for us to live a healthy life in spirit, soul and body.  

Poverty Mentality vs. Balanced Mentality

Some real life examples:

  1. My daughter is a school teacher and one...
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