Overcoming - Negative Inner Dialogue - Put your praise on


"Put your praise on"

My name is Akesa Batchman. I am Polynesian from the south pacific island of American Samoa which means rich food, large family, and good vibes! I’m a mother of five, who recently relocated from California to North Carolina. Previously worked in the Healthcare Industry for almost 15 years and switched to Aviation 3 years ago. After traveling for work as a Flight Attendant based originally in Los Angeles then transferring to Washington DC, I decided to pursue obtaining my pilot’s license full time a few months ago.

Aviation has always been a dream I never imagined I could achieve, but I believe was birthed in me as a child while I was living in Hawaii.

Our family moved to San Diego when I was 12 years old, with my parents working as civilians with government jobs. In my culture we’re very spiritual and religion is a staple of our community, however my mom changed the trajectory of our family when she...

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