Start 2021 #EPICStrong - part 2

Be #EPICStrong


Chad says:

Human relationships - Personal Relationships -
  • Getting out of my Comfort Zone - turning things upside down
  • Reach out to friends, Family and community often
  • Dedicate time to deep and meaningful communication
  • Explore ways to connect and expand my personal circle of influence and communication
  • Business - Build relationships that are centered around biblical principals
  • Expanding the reach of the ministries I am involved in and being open to new opportunities that show up.

Judy says:

Keep on keepin’ on and be ready to pivot when needed. This  one also sounds like it’s talking out of both sides of your mouth.  Be steadfast and YET be quick to pivot!

Walking by faith is like a balancing act on a highwire…might take  you awhile to get the hang of it…to know how God speaks to you  and His instructions to you, etc. So you can “hear and obey.” 

II Timothy 4:1-5 

“In the...

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