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"Its not about my pace, its about God's pace. How can I live my life more like Jesus?"

How often do you question all the things you’ve been told your entire life? From the moment we’re born into this world we’re told what to do. So much of what we believe about ourselves has actually been developed on someone else’s opinion (or judgement).  It’s time you challenge yourself to do the work to get to know thyself.
Remember, we’re always growing and expanding.  It’s a natural part of life. As we grow and evolve so will our wants, needs, desires and dreams. Things that once made us feel happy, excited and purpose driven may not be the same anymore.
Stay open to trying new things and give yourself permission to grow and expand. Check in with yourself to see if you’re connected to who you are in this moment, or if you’re trying to hang onto someone you used to be. Knowing Thyself is a lifelong journey that requires you to make a commitment to the process. But once you make that commitment, the possibilities are limitless for what you can manifest to create an exceptional life.


Kathie is a Business & Lifestyle Strategist with a passion for living an exceptional every day life and sharing it with everyone she can.
With 16 years of diversified professional experience in Strategic Planning, Business Solutions, Project Management, Software Development and Branding working for major Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries, she has a proven track record of success with new business start ups starting multiple companies of her own. 

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