The BIG Why?

answers judy bauer why Dec 06, 2019

It's better to know God than to know answers to everything.

The first question most children ask is "why." It doesn't take long for them to notice that things don't just happen. There's a system called cause and effect. When kids ask why, they are trying to figure out the system.

Sometimes we don't know why things happen, they just do. For example; it would seem that if you're a good person, only good would come your way. Yet, we know that bad things happen to good people. WHY?

In that same vein, it would seem that bad things would be the result of acts committed by people intent on doing harm. Yet, sometimes we see them get away with their deeds with no apparent consequences. And, sometimes they even prosper as a result of their actions. WHY?

"For examples of patience in suffering, look at the Lord's prophets. We know how happy they are now because they stayed true to Him then, even though they suffered greatly for it. Job is an example of a man who continued to trust the Lord...

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