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Water Baptism

Matthew 28: 18-20 Baptize them in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit

Acts 8: 37 If you believe with all your heart.

Acts 8: 12 When they believed...they were baptized.

Mark 1: 9-11 Coming up from the water

Acts 8: 38-39 Went down into the water Come up out of the water

Acts 2: 38 It's for “the remission of sins.”

1 Peter 3: 21 The answer of a good conscience

Colossians 2: 12 Buried with Him and raised with Him (Romans 6: 3-8)

Acts 8: 12-17 Salvation - Water Baptism - Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Acts 10: 44-48 Salvation - Baptism in the Holy Spirit - Water Baptism

Matthew 3: 15 Baptism is for everyone; it fulfills righteousness.

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