Turning a defeat into a WIN! with Judy Bauer


Turning defeat into a WIN - Episode 5

"Everything has purpose."

Recently I watched a movie and then read a book on The Holocaust. The horrors depicted there are too many to comprehend. The resiliency of the human spirit shone through them both.

Forgiveness, gratitude and recognizing God's hand in their midst of their traumas caused me to re-evaluate my own heart's posture.

What the majority of us will ever experience in life is insignificant compared to what those precious people endured and suffered at the hand of manifested evil against humanity.

In my life, I have had tragic and traumatizing experiences where I thought "this is it...it's over." And yet, here I am still doing what I love, helping people come alive and thrive in Christ. How is that possible? I've discovered a secret: Everything has purpose.

1. It tests my heart towards God. Mad or glad. Hateful or grateful. Distrust or greater trust. Turning away or turning toward. Bitter or...

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