Keep Rowing

Tested Faith

Many of us know this story well. Jesus tells His disciples to get into the boat and go to the other side of the lake. He was not joining them, so perhaps they thought He will catch another boat.

Our perceptions of what we think God is asking us to do…and the end result are often not even close to what God had in mind when He gave us the instructions.  

It’s in the midst of THAT...that’s where your faith is tested!

Prior to this, in John 6, Jesus tested His disciples with a challenge to feed the crowd who had been with them all day. They failed that test. So, He showed them how to walk on in faith and get the job done. (6-14)

Now, it was time to test them again.

Did they learn from that experience watching Him demonstrate exercising faith in God?  

This time He told them to get in the boat and cross the lake.

Simple instructions. A familiar trip. We can do this. Away they went.

Evening came. Then, the darkness of night. A strong wind...

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