Overcoming the Hamster-wheel Syndrome - with Dr Judy Bauer


Overcoming the Hamster-wheel Syndrome - Ep.2

Choose wisely. Choose life in Him

Ahh, the hamster wheel. I'm mesmerized by the little creatures endlessly running on their wheel as a never ending treadmill when I go into pet shops.

They seem to enjoy the exercise and jump off when they tire of it. I've noticed for us humans, we too, can easily find ourselves on the "hamster wheel" of life, an endless treadmill of activity going nowhere.

However, we don't seem to figure out how to get off that never-ending cycle of hyper activity.

Watching myself and others over the years it appears that there are several factors that determine our need to stay on "the wheel." I want to address only one of them in this blog. It becomes addictive. We may not enjoy it any longer but now we are addicted to the cycle of continuous chaos and activity. It has become our new normal. We unconsciously or consciously choose to remain irregardless of the detriment to our health,...

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