Finishing 2020 #EPICStrong - Episode 6

Be #EPICStrong

Orlando Javien Jr. is a man of many hats.  As an entrepreneur he runs the freelance bookkeeping and tax preparing company, IAMBookkeeper.

 By passion he is a high school religious education teacher, author of two books, “God Moments, Why God Made Me Pick Up Underwear and Other Stories of Faith and Unplugged, How to Disconnect and Find Peace in a Noisy World.”- (Click here to find out more)

Orlando is also an inspirational speaker who loves sharing the lessons he learns from his business life, his faith life and his family life. He loves sharing his stories via video on Facebook and Instagram

 Pearls of wisdom:

If you want to find God. You have to look for Him. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Seek His Word. Go to His house. You tend to find what you are looking for.

 Learn new skills. In the Gospel we are called to be fishers of men. Different fish are attracted to different bait. With every new skill you learn you gain new bait to...

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