Got Room?

Do you have an open door policy?

"Make room for us in your hearts." II Corinthians 7:2

Like a house with many rooms you have many of them in your heart.

Paul implored the believers in Corinth to make space for him in their lives.

He was making that request because He had previously written a strong letter exposing a situation they needed to address. It wasn't received well.

They took it as criticism and were offended. This opened the door for others to come in and discredit Paul.

Over time, however, the matter he wrote rose to the forefront and they saw how Paul had tried to spare them.

In the meantime, offense separated them. Paul was addressing this gap and asking them to open the door again.

Paul didn't regret the critique he had given. He did, in the sense that initially, they were hurt by it. His intent, however, was not to bring pain but to warn.

When God gives a warning it's not always for a reason or reasons you can perceive at the time.

God sees from such a higher,...

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