It's Good News!

The Good News!

I am, that I am - everything is within HIM!

I recently had a wonderful conversation with my dad about Salvation. He and I spoke about sin. He shared with me that that first reference to it in the bible implied "being without". My own research further revealed that in the latin languages it refers to "something missing, being without".

What a mindshift this understanding had brought. 

In Sunday school class I was taught that -"Jesus died for your sins" - the focus is on the act of sin (missing the mark, breaking the law, etc) and the hopeless guilt and shame of it. This is certainly not condusive to a dymanic relationship with my Saviour as I the hopeless sinner will always sin.


Understanding that sin means I am without or missing something that can be found in Jesus my Saviour - I immediately have hope and the journey of restoration can begin bringing with it a completeness and because of that little to no chance of a repeat offence.


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