Overcoming Unhealthy Habits - Integrity

Overcoming Unhealthy Habits

...your word is you...you are your word

"Johnny, I want you to take the trash out now." "OK, mom, I will." Two hours later mom walks by the trash and it still sits there. "Johnny, I asked you two hours ago to take out the trash, get up and do it now." "OK, mom, I will in just a minute..." Two hours later...trash still hasn't been removed.
"I'm going to get this job done for you in the next 24 hours." "Ok, that's great, as it's really important." Two days later, the job isn't done. The frustration compounds.
"Tomorrow I'm going to start eating healthy," we say to ourselves. Two weeks later, oops, it never happened.
"I'll be there at 2:00pm to pick you up." "Ok." "Where are you, it's 2:30pm?" "Oh, sorry, I was running late and then an important call came in and then traffic...I'm on my way."
"I ordered this product but can I pay for it later?" All these scenarios and many more play out every day; adding...
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