Overcoming - Negative Inner Dialogue - with Ruben Moore


Keep the Faith

My life as far back as I can remember was a struggle. Our home wasn’t fit for a dog to live in. Drinking water was from a polluted well, or boiled water from the river. Most of the time we ate frozen apples from the tree we froze during the summer months.
When my mother died, we became homeless for years. I was told I would never be able to accomplish anything in life. Going to an all white school was not a positive thing for me. It was understood that if you did not catch on to the work then you were left on your own.
Drugs and robbery became much of my life. I chose that lifestyle only to survive.  It ended shortly  after a deal went wrong I was shot six times. Yes you heard right six times. This was the first miracle in my life, because when I looked at my belly there was no bullet holes nowhere.
God truly was putting things in order. A beautiful young girl , who would not...
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