Overcoming Toxic Relationships with Doug Snyder



Rock, Paper, Scissors

Intimacy With God (IWG) is a culture shaping ministry drawing listeners near God through face to face contact and social media. Our main objective is to turn the heart of individuals, and ultimately America, back to God, our Father, and His Word.

Doug and Beth have been ministering together over 35 years, 33 of those years married. They have five kids (ages 27-15), three are married and one grandchild. 

Doug and Beth have traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and in Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, Austria, and England with various ministry groups.

The last 20 years they have been building Intimacy with God Ministries, and recently have begun expanding their reach. The Snyders have a burning desire to bring the heart of America back to the heart of the Father.

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