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Marked for God

I've always loved the imagery of the guys going down the road to the city of Emmaues. As they were "walking and talking," Jesus joined them and entered into the conversation.

Something amazing always transpires when we make time to "walk and talk." Hearts are softened, layers of "life" are shared, sweet communion and fellowship transpire.

Luke 24 records the "walk and talk" that Jesus had with these guys discussing the events that had just transpired in Jerusalem.

In my Holy Ghost imagination, I picture Jesus enjoying this conversation. Especially since He was a first-hand witness to all the events.

It was His death and resurrection they were in deep conversation over.

As they approached their home, Jesus made it appear as though He was going to continue His journey and leave their company. They were adamant that He must come and join them for a meal.

In the breaking of bread, (fellowship) the Scriptures tell us, their eyes were opened. They recognized Him. Then He...

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