Overcoming Toxic Relationships with Dr Sheila Hunt

authority dr sheila hunt Jun 17, 2019




"Life is a continuous and amazing story you are writing every moment... your story counts and needs to be heard!" 

Dr. Sheila Hunt is an expert behavioral analyst who partners with people to produce effective communication and change, believing that people are different yet predictably so. With an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership and Christian Ministry,  Sheila uses four tools, creating powerful assessments and results with leaders and team members.

As CEO of Explosive Transformation, Dr. Hunt’s mission is to partner with one million people and equip them to transform our world through the seven societal mountains of Family, Education, Religion, Business, Arts & Entertainment, Media, and Government. Through their 501c3, GodSeekers International Ministry Pastors Sheila and Jim specialize in helping people get free, stay free, and help...

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