Blessing upon Blessing

Blessing upon Blessing

"All together now - applause for God! Sing songs to the tune of His glory, set glory to the rhythms of His praise. Say of God, 
'We've never seen anything like Him!'" (Psalms 66:1-3 LB)
David says he blesses the Lord at all times. 
In another place he says seven times a day I praise the Lord. 
The Apostle Paul says he prays without ceasing, "I pray with my understanding and I pray in the Spirit. I sing with the understanding and I sing in the Spirit."  
Jude tells us to pray in the Holy Ghost to build ourselves up. 
We're admonished over and over throughout the scriptures to give God the glory. He is worthy. How about stopping right now...sit back in your chair or stand up and begin to applaud the Lord and sing Him a song of praise.

Maybe you're reading this at work or at a local coffee shop with internet access and feel you can’t make a public display of your praise. Well, do it silently...
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