I heard a statement that 60,000 thoughts go through our brain everyday.

As I pondered this it seemed to me that most of those thoughts can be categorized into a few buckets.

Discounting or minimizing our accomplishments and our progress to date.
Discounting or minimizing God's ability to come through when life is tough.
Discounting or minimizing God's promises to us.
Discounting or minimizing our faith in God to fulfill His words to us.
Believing God and believing in ourselves to do well and overcome.

If you had those 5 buckets listed in columns on a piece of paper and checked off each time a thought went through your mind...I wonder which of the 5 buckets would fill up the fastest? (click here to download the 5 thought buckets template)

Consider Abraham, our father of faith, who received amazing promises from God. He was UP IN years (aka "old") when God called him.

He had to wait, exercise patience, endure long, 20 MORE years until God's promise came to pass at its...

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