Miracle Mornings - Episode 3

3 r's chad smanjak Jun 07, 2021

Mini-Series: Miracle Mornings


Reject, Receive, Replace

My Miracle Morning Routine - Here is the breakdown of the terms and then exactly how I use them, in order:
T - Thanks
A - Affirm
S - Surrender
K - Kill
S - Serve

In Alcoholics Anonymous, the first and second steps are to admit powerlessness, and dependence upon a higher power. That’s called “surrender.” On my own, I’ll make a mess of my life. But, guided by and in alignment with God, I can be restored and thrive.

Jesus spoke to his followers about what I call “secrets of the universe.” One was the encouragement to visualize myself as a branch and God as the Vine (see John 15). The Vine is the life source. The branch is the beneficiary—reaching out into the world and producing fruit. Branches produce good fruit to the extent that they remain connected to—dependent upon—the Vine.

Detached branches are sticks. Trying to manufacture fruit apart from the Vine...

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