The Reality of Fake News- Overcoming Anxiety



Sam sat bent forward with his face in his palms. A bead of sweat running down his face, hanging from his chin for a split second before dripping to the ground.

He stared at the wet spots on the ground before him. Several drops fell moments before this one. Thinking, hoping, wishing that the ground would get soft enough to swallow him in, to make him disappear from the face of the earth.

He was tired, he didn't sleep the previous night. He was worried about the
meeting with his director coming up in a few hours. He was scared, tired, fatigued and irritated all at the same time. He never felt so much anger in his life before.

His muscles were tense in his neck and back. What will he do when he gets fired, how will he tell his wife, how will he face his kids and family? He felt ashamed at himself. How could he have taken the conversation this far
with her? How could she have thought he wanted a relationship with her.

How, how on earth! I was only making conversation, giving a few complements. How could this happen? Why didn’t I swallow my words and keep quiet. She’s my boss’s wife. I should have known better. I shouldn’t have tried to impress her, especially the first time I met her. How could I be so stupid. I’m so upset with myself.

I’m been married to Mary for 13 years, I’m an elder in my church. How will I face the congregation again? Hopefully they’ll see the lighter side, if I tell them I’m like a modern-day Joseph, or even better, I’ll compare myself to David. Yes, I’ll do that. That should work, David became king after all.

No, I’m stupid. I know that won’t work. I’ll have to face the music. I’ll get fired
today! Sam started to shake as he thinks about it. The sweat running down his face even more. His hands starting to shake. His stomach was cramping. He started to feel sick. Sick to the core of his being.

I can’t control my thoughts, I can’t concentrate, I can’t stop worrying Sam
grumbled to himself. His face still in his hands.

"Sam…., Sam…., are you okay? What’s going on with you?" He jerked his head
up as he heard the familiar voice of his director. He jumped up, eyes big, his face as pale as a piece of paper. He started stuttering. He didn’t know what to say.

The words wouldn’t come out of his mouth, even if he had known what to say. "Sam, what’s going on? You look like you saw a ghost. Sit down… sit, please. Tell me what’s going on, I’m worried about you Sam!"

Sam sat down, shaking like a leaf in the wind. How can this be. What’s he doing here? The meeting isn’t for another two hours. Is it that bad? Did he come looking for me? Maybe he’s not going to fire me. He’s going to slaughter me.

"M-m-morning Fred," Sam stuttered. His mind racing with thoughts of what are you doing here? Our meeting isn’t for another two hours. You can’t fire me here.

Not in public, surely not this way out in the open in front of everyone.
Sam said, "I’m sorry Fred. I’m really sorry." "What are you sorry for? What’s going on? Just tell me what is wrong. Get it together Sam!"

Sam sighed. I can do this he thought to himself. "Fred…Fred, I’m sorry for what I said to your wife yesterday."

"What?" Fred said with a frown on his face. "I'm totally confused about what’s
happening now. What did you say to her? What did you do? I don’t understand what you’re talking about Sam."

"I know I shouldn’t have been so friendly with her. I’m sorry I put my hand on her shoulder when we spoke. I deserve to be fired Fred…."
"What?" Fred started laughing, confusing Sam even more. "What are you talking about? Jill couldn’t stop telling me how friendly and kind you were yesterday. And that’s why I wanted to have a meeting with you today. I asked Jill to come in yesterday and meet you. I wanted her opinion of you.

Did you think I asked for a meeting today because you touched my wife’s
shoulder, because of that you think I wanted to fire you. No wonder you are so anxious.

The reason I asked for a meeting was to discuss your promotion."
"What! You want to promote me?" "Yes Sam, I want to promote you, but I wanted Jill’s input. I wanted to know if she sees the same value in you as I do."

"Wow, Fred, I never expected this, I thought I was going to be fired today. I don’t  know what to say, Fred."

"Well, I would like you to say yes. But first I want to clarify something with you."

"Sure, go ahead Fred."

"Sam, I know you are a Christian. And so am I. But why did you get so anxious? Why were you so worried? You know Proverbs 12:25 says 'Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.' Our Lord says in Matthew 6:34 'Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow…'

You know sitting on a park bench, drenched in sweat is not the answer.
Come, Sam, let’s pray together…."

Ray Wienand

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