Overcoming - Negative Inner Dialogue - who has the answers?


"Take it to the one who has all the answers"

Yep, those conversations that you have with yourself and later wish you never did. Who doesn't have those? Why do we have inner dialogues? And why are they so negative when we're actually talking to ourselves?

I know I have them, and in some life seasons, I've had them more often than I care to remember.

As a child, a friend's dad told me that I'd never be a salesman. I'm useless at it. This one comment traveled with me for several years. Every time I tried my hand at a sales consultant job I would fail. I would tell myself over and over that I can't do this. I'll see the picture in my mind of that day so long ago; that one comment.

I got teased on a daily basis when I was younger because of my red hair and freckles. I carried that into my adult life. Whenever I walked into a room full of people or had a meeting with a new client, I would tell myself that people were staring.

I'm a dreamer, a big dreamer. I would often share my dreams and plans with people. I would talk and get all excited, only for them to burst my bubble. To sit and listen to their opinions. To let go of my dreams. To be held back by those people.

All these experiences have caused me a lot of pain in my life. They have created an unnecessary inner dialogue that I wish I never had. I struggled to stay motivated. I would make wrong decisions. I stopped believing in myself.

My inner negative dialogue would convince me that my outcomes would not be positive. It would convince me that people don't trust me. It would convince me that my ideas and dreams were stupid.

But those are inner negative dialogues created by past experiences. And even though they are inner dialogues, they are still real. They exist!

I have learned to conquer many of those dialogues. But they still creep up sometimes. They still try and get into the depth of my soul and upset me. But it is possible to beat them, to turn them around into positive discussions.

As soon as I catch myself having negative dialogues, I stop myself. I tell myself this is wrong. I force myself to think positive words, to have a positive inner dialogue.

Those examples were all from my past. But what about those inner negative dialogues that are not from past experiences? They are there, for no apparent reason.

They, too, are a reality!

Recently God placed it on my heart to give our business to an employee of ours. Yep, that's right. To give it. To bless him. To coach and guide him. To give him an opportunity that most people don't get.

Can you imagine the negative dialogues I had, and still do have with this one? It's against common sense. It's against worldly systems. It's against business mentality.

I have tried to convince myself that it's wrong. I have tried to convince myself that God won't place something like that on my heart. I have tried to convince myself of many things. But they were all negative inner dialogues. They were a waste of good conversation.

Did I listen to those negative dialogues? No way! Instead I prayed and prayed and prayed. I asked friends that I can rely on to pray with and for me. I have spoken to people

I trust.

And most importantly, I listened to God's voice. I listened to what He was saying to me.

That's my secret to conquering inner negative dialogue. I take it to the One that created my mind. The one that gave me the ability to have healthy inner dialogues.

I take it to the one that has all the answers.

Raymond Wienand


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