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"If He's got it, I don't and I don't want it."


I have talked to so many people lately and this one thing continues to come up. I have even really wrestled with quitting myself!! A LOT over the past couple of months and I can’t guarantee I will never have those feeling again, but I can share how to get away from always living in the pit or the shadows and actually coming out and enjoying the sunshine once in a while.
  • Try to discipline yourself Discipline is at the root of every success story. If you are lazy this is what you might lack.
  • Hard-work has NO substitute If you wanna do it, it ought to have enough sweat and blood in it. Working hard doesn’t mean you work hard on useless things. It means that you go that extra mile to know about stuff…The stuff of your passion, your message, your breakthrough.  Learning from things is also hard-work.
  • Hard-work doesn’t matter if you don’t improve Even if it seems to yourself that you are working  harder than God himself but forget to improve then you are going nowhere. (By The Way… You’re not working harder than God himself) Improve yourself, change with the opportunities.
  • Appreciate yourself for your small wins… This is one of the most forgotten piece of advice in the history of advising. If you don’t appreciate yourself for you small wins, you feel depressed even if you lose once.
  • Its okay to quit BUT… When you have given it all you have and more then its okay to let go. Maybe, it just wasn’t for you or maybe letting go will open up something you have been missing
    Here are a few things you can tell yourself to get in the mood and mode of NOT QUITTING!
    • I persist when things get tough.
    • I will either find a way or make one.
    • Every problem has a solution, and I have the perfect ability to find it.
    • Every day I gain more knowledge and insight about what works and what doesn’t, which means I’m getting stronger and wiser.
    • Setbacks are temporary.
    • I will find a way through this.
    • Think! What’s the best thing to do now?
The choice is yours. Judging stops when we make a decision to stop it, we just need to discipline ourselves to hold faithful the truth of God’s Word! That being said…. Don’t give in, don’t give up and never forget


About Matt:
Matt has been an entrepreneur as well as a pastor, counselor, business owner and coach for years. He has owned two businesses, both passions of his. One was in the automotive field and the other in music. A large local Auto-lube, Tunnel car wash and detail facility with corporate and local clients and a staff of about 30 people. He also owned a local music store which grew into one of the largest stores in his community and closed at the beginning of his stage iv cancer attack.
Matt has been married to his wife and best friend Robin since 1989. They have two incredible children (just ask them), Mikayla and Gehrum. Together, they live as a family desperately chasing after the heart of Christ, not always getting it right and always inviting people along for the journey...because who wants an empty house?

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