An Epic Thanks Giving

 An EPIC Thanksgiving 

 "And give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." -Ephesians 5:20 

I was preparing a different message for this PODCAST and whilst reading some inspired writings, I felt this strong overwhelming feeling of gratitude and thankfulness for what the Lord has done and continues to do in my LIFE and the people around me. Friends, Family and loved ones. 

I want us as a community of Epic Conquerors to start this week of Thanksgiving by being thankful. As we have spoken previously, living a life of thankfulness and gratitude, especially for what the Lord has done and the price He paid for us is a foundation for build a successful life. 

Let’s not just try and get thankful only on Thanksgiving Thursday. Let’s keep that practice, starting today—so we’re good at gratitude—and shine on Thanksgiving. 

I want us as a community to focus on the AWE of all the beautiful little miracles that are happening in our lives all the time...Take the time to look around and breathe in the beauty....Feel your heart beat and just absorb the AWE of GOD. 

Let this week be filled with great conversations around how good and faithful God has been in your life. 

Things are heating up and the holiday chaos is creeping in on us. Let’s show up this year as our best selves in this season of thankfulness. 

We have all seen people (and pastors) be friends with some and not others because of their wealth or status. Caring for some—and not others—when they have large homes or more money. So dangerous. It looks ugly from the outside, but its even worse for our human hearts. 

You recall - Jesus sent his followers out on a good-doing mission and said, “Whoever welcomes you first, stay with them. Don’t upgrade when people see your miracles and offer you nicer accommodations.” 

Why you think He said this too them? 

Well, then it becomes about us and our comfort instead of the mission and serving people. 

Let’s not forget the people who took care of us in the beginning. Serve everyone and don’t just cater to the cool crowd. Stay on mission and know that inner fulfillment is better than outer fancy. 

So how do we do this ? 

here’s a hint: it begins with being THANKFUL. 

Lets list seven things you’re thankful for—in your journal, on scratch paper, or say it out loud. And name seven things. 

Close your eyes and reflect on those seven things and all of the other blessings God directs your way all the time... 

Don’t forget: 

  • breath 
  • heartbeat 
  • body mobility 
  • loving relationships 
  • natural beauty surrounding you 

The list is endless. Let ourself fall into the endless generosity of our Creator. 

Be thankful. 

Tell God you’re thankful. Write it... or say... let yourself feel it. It’s all “prayer.” There are no magic words of spiritual rites of passage. Just honest appreciation directed to the Source. 

Take a deep breath. Smile. And move about the rest of your day with a little more appreciation for the Divine Design and His generous ever-presence.

Chad Smanjak

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