Faith over Fear



In high school I wrestled in the Washington State Wrestling Championships. I was winning my match 4 to 0. At the half way point, rather than continuing to increase my lead I got scared. I didn't want to make any mistakes so rather than wrestling to win, I was wrestling to not lose.

I made some mistakes and eventually lost my match 5 to 4.

Looking back on this experience, the powerful lesson I learned is to play the game of life to win vs. not to lose. In other words, to choose faith over fear.

Making decisions out of fear does not feel good. Fear will limit your creativity and your potential. In my case, it created a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was afraid to make mistakes. I was afraid to lose my wrestling match and in the end, I did.

When you are scared, take a moment and remind yourself all of the challenges you have been through and all of them you have overcome. Remembering these things will give you confidence when you most need it. 

Have faith in yourself. Have faith in what you are capable of. Have faith that everything will work out.
Hoan Do is a student success coach, author,  city finalist in NBC’s hit show, American Ninja Warrior, and founder of
From an early age, Hoan understood the sacrifices his parents had made in their escape to the United States during the Vietnam War. Feeling indebted to his parents for their courageous pursuit of a better life, Hoan vowed to ensure that one day, he would be able to take care of his parents. Hoan’s hard work took him to Malibu, California, where he attended Pepperdine University.
 Recognized as the best youth mentor by the International Examiner, Hoan travels across North America speaking at colleges, high schools, and leadership conferences where he shares practical advice that helps students to succeed in and out of school.
 In addition to speaking, Hoan helps others to get paid to share their message by making an impact and income inspiring students as a paid speaker.
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